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Modern-Aire Customization Assistance

We offer, at no charge, hood consultation, design, cad drawings, material selection, we work directly with your architect, designer, specifier and contractor.   From the initial concept to finished product we are with you all the way.

Custom Ventilation brings up all sorts of thoughts, expensive, scary, where do I start, when do I start thinking about it in regards to my new construction or remodel and why custom versus a basic stainless steel hood that I see in every appliance store?  At Tandem products in partnership with Modern-Aire Corporation we answer all of those questions and more.


With over 30 years in the appliance business we know intuitively where to start and what to start with.  We take into consideration your vision for the kitchen and create a practical solution that will perform over any cooking appliance AND create something that is your own, that you wont see in every kitchen.  Fu Tung Cheng, a famous designer out of Berkeley Ca once said, “the hood is the nose of the kitchen” so its really important that you take the time to make it special and unique. 

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