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All of our products with their quality, beauty , and functionality make it so easy for us to be passionate about them and invest our time and effort back to our customers.

We will walk you through all of the options to give you the hood, heater, or shower that is made exactly for you or your business.


We chose these specific lines because of quality, integrity, and craftsmanship.

Our products aren't throwaways.  They are an investment in our customer's futures. 


Our Modern-Aire hoods are not only functional, but they are artistic sculptures meant to endure the test of time.


Our IR Energy heating products are not designed to last just one season.  They are designed to be a one-time purchase.


Curbless Shower Systems:

Of coarse the huge potential for preplanning our aging in place before it becomes an issue.

Millennial's : love this product , minimalistic concepts, functionality and easy to clean, everything off the floors.


All these quality products  albeit more of an initial investment but leading edge.



Every project is different.  We specialize in helping our ventilation, outdoor heating, and shower solutions customers specify or custom create the perfect solution.

Although we represent some large companies, we are small enough to know you, the customer, by name.  You will deal with the principals of the company. 

We love getting our hands dirty and we take a personal approach.

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